Posted by: Ian Potts | January 16, 2008

Robert Hawker of Plymouth

Although most in Plymouth today have probably never heard of him, back in the 1800s there ministered in that city a man called Robert Hawker whose ministry was greatly blessed by God. Hawker’s faithful preaching of Christ, from all the scriptures, was used to the blessing of many, and his writings are still available today.

If you haven’t read Hawker – make a point of doing so.  Larry Brown of Grace Baptist Church, Danville, Kentucky (pastored by Don Fortner) has recently set up a new website called Grace e-Books. On here you will find complete, downloadable, versions of many books, in PDF format, including a number of Robert Hawker’s works.

In days in which there has been a great turning away from the truth of the Gospel, may the Lord be pleased to use such means to bring His word to the hearing of many, and may that Gospel which was once regularly sounded in Plymouth be heard there again, not in word only, but in power, in the Holy Ghost, and in much assurance.

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