Posted by: Ian Potts | April 7, 2009

Sunday 12th April

Please note that there will be no meeting at Awliscombe on Sunday 12th April. We expect meetings to resume as normal from the 19th…

…which they did. Recent messages preached around this date include:

“Loved With An Everlasting Love” Jeremiah 31:3 26-4-09 (Ian Potts)

“Risen With Christ” Colossians 3:1 19-4-09 (Ian Potts)

“The Fool… And The Heart That Says, There Is No God” Psalm 14:1 29-3-09 (Ian Potts)

“Who is This?” Matthew 21:10 22-3-09 (Ian Potts)
“Why…?” Colossians 2:20 15-3-09 (Ian Potts)

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