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Monday Meetings (Dec/Jan)

The latest times and dates for the Monday night meetings are as follows (again, please note the slightly later starting time of 8:15pm):

MONDAY December 7th 8:15pm
“When Christ Appears” Titus 3:1-7 (audio)
Darvin Pruitt (Pastor of Grace Baptist Church, Taylor, Arkansas.)

MONDAY January 11th 8:15pm
“I Loved Jacob” Malachi 1:2-5 (audio)
Don Fortner (Pastor of Grace Baptist Church, Danville, Kentucky.)

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Monday Meetings

The latest times and dates for the Monday night meetings are as follows (please note the slightly later starting time of 8:15pm):

MONDAY October 19th 8:15pm
“The Burden of the Word of the LORD” Malachi 1:1 (audio)
Don Fortner (Pastor of Grace Baptist Church, Danville, Kentucky.)

MONDAY November 9th 8:15pm
“When Christ Appears” Titus 3:1-7 (audio)
Darvin Pruitt (Pastor of Grace Baptist Church, Taylor, Arkansas.)

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Awliscombe Sunday Morning Meetings

As friends, and regular visitors to our websites, will know we have held meetings in Honiton in our home since 1999, and since September 2008 have also held meetings in the village hall in the nearby village of Awliscombe on Sunday mornings at 10:45am.

With the Monday night meetings having gradually built up in number over the years to a regular group of between 8 and 12 usually being gathered, it was hoped at the commencement of Sunday mornings that a similar size group might, in due course, be gathered. However, despite occasional visitors, the Sunday mornings have continued to be very few in number in terms of who gather, and as such I do not feel that it can reasonably be described as a ‘church’ for the time being! So for now, I’ve revised the description on the Honiton SGC page on here and renamed the meeting as ‘Honiton Sovereign Grace Meeting’.

Though our Sunday meetings are tiny in number (and now fewer than when we began) we still thank the Lord for His goodness towards us over the past year as we have looked to Him to bless the preaching of His word, to His glory alone. Whilst we cannot tell what the future holds, we nevertheless know that it is Christ alone who builds His church, that He uses His gospel to build it, and that wherever He sends forth His word it never returns unto Him void.

…And if you have a love for that gospel, or perhaps a desire to hear it for the first time, then we do of course extend a warm welcome to you to the meetings at Awliscombe.

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Sunday 27th September

There will be no meeting as usual in Awliscombe at 10:45am this coming Sunday (27th September) with the meeting being held at another time that day. Would any vistors who wish to attend please contact us by email at for further details.

Posted by: Ian Potts | September 16, 2009

One in Christ

We live in days which are not dissimilar to those described in the book of Judges, where “every man did that which was right in his own eyes”, (Judges 17:6). In a world which despises authority, where each has become his own authority, confusion reigns. As in the world, so in the churches. Despite much religion, many churches, and many who profess the name of Christ, we have to ask: where is the unity? One says this, another says that, one does this, another does that. All believe they are right, yet none are agreed.

What characterises religion in our day is an almost total lack of unity. There are a thousand voices saying a thousand things. Attempts may be made, under the banner of ‘ecumenism’,  to ignore the differences (and those teachings which highlight them), cover up the cracks, sweep the dust under the carpet, and unite under what is really little more than a pretence, a show, of unity, but the reality yet remains “every man [does] that which [is] right in his own eyes”.

Not so in Christ. In His church, His ecclesia, in the church which Christ builds, of which He is the Head, and in which He is the Way, the Truth and the Life, that church in which Christ is pre-eminent and His gospel is pre-eminent, what is manifested is a company gathered in unity in Him and in His gospel. It can be no other way – the gospel is that which God uses to save His people, to gather His people, to feed His people, to build His church, and to unite His church. Where the gospel is undermined, neglected, sidelined even, disunity will arise. Where the gospel is preached, unity will follow. Oh yes, everything will rage against it – the world, the flesh, the devil. Much will seek to assault it and divide it, but where Christ makes His gospel known, there He commands a blessing, and there He builds His church – “and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” (Matthew 16:18).

Is that where you are?


“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! It is like the precious ointment upon the head, that ran down upon the beard, even Aaron’s beard: that went down to the skirts of his garments; As the dew of Hermon, and as the dew that descended upon the mountains of Zion: for there the LORD commanded the blessing, even life for evermore”, Psalm 133.

Posted by: Ian Potts | September 4, 2009

SE London ‘Methibosheth Church’

South East London may be a little bit ‘outside’ of Devon… but for those residing in or around the Capital we would like to draw their attention to a small gathering of believers who meet in the area.

For a while now Lou Boden and Denis Burns and their respective families have been gathering each week to worship the Lord – often hearing messages on tape by Don Fortner.

They describe their meeting as follows:

“We are a tiny gathering of saved sinners who are limping through this wilderness together leaving upon our Beloved”.

If you would like to join with them, to hear the gospel and perhaps to encourage the brethren, then do contact them at:

Phone Lou Boden 07764 943 746

Dennis Burns 0794 0456273

Posted by: Ian Potts | August 4, 2009

“As We Be Slanderously Reported”

“As We Be Slanderously Reported” Romans 3:8

I could produce stacks of letters I have received over the years, either warning me or accusing me, asserting that the doctrine I preach will cause people to live carelessly in disobedience, practicing every imaginable evil. Along with every other man who proclaims the Gospel of God’s free grace in Christ, beginning with our Lord Himself and His Apostles, I am constantly accused of being an antinomian, one who is opposed to the law of God, a promoter of licentiousness.

In itself, the accusation is insignificant. I am not much disturbed by what men say about Don Fortner. But the charge is not made against me personally. It is made against the Gospel we preach. Therefore, I cannot be silent.

The charge of antinomianism is leveled against us because we constantly preach the Gospel of God’s free and sovereign grace in Christ, declaring that sinners are redeemed, justified, sanctified and kept freely by the grace of God, through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, without works.

Without apology, we constantly affirm that every believer is entirely free from the law of God and that God will never charge His people with sin, because He has found complete satisfaction for our sins in the blood atonement of His dear Son.

We place no form of legal bondage upon the children of God. We do not threaten God’s elect with punishment or entice them with promise of rewards in order to get them to do what they ought to do. God’s saints are not mercenary servants. They are all volunteers. We preach absolute grace, perfect substitution and immutable mercy, assuring those who believe that God will never cease to be gracious to them.

This is the armor in which I have done battle for forty-three years; and I do not intend to lay it aside until my warfare is over. Let men reproach me as they may. I am willing to have my name and reputation scandalized. If need be, I am prepared to lose friends and family and face bitter, implacable enemies. I am perfectly willing and content to be scorned throughout the world as a vile antinomian. I am accustomed to such things.

But I am determined, by the grace of God, not to drop or conceal one iota of Gospel truth, particularly as it relates to Christ’s glorious, effectual redemption and God’s irresistible, efficacious grace. I am always happy to stand in the company of others. But I am willing to stand alone. In either case, God helping me, I will not alter, or even slightly modify my message!

Don Fortner

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July 19th and 26th

Please note – for any who may wish to visit the meetings at Awliscombe, there will be no meetings held on Sunday 19th or Sunday 26th July. Back on the 2nd August!

Posted by: Ian Potts | June 1, 2009

A Tribute to Jim Gough

At our conference in April we again had opportunity to share fellowship with our brother Jim Gough and his wife Eileen, whom we had first met in Honiton when Don Fortner came to preach for us back in 2007. Jim had appreciated Don’s ministry for some time and was involved that year, as with this, in arranging meetings for Don in the Wolverhampton/Dudley area. The Gough’s appreciation for the faithful preaching of the gospel was further demonstrated by the fact that this year they first travelled north to the New Focus conference in Egglesburn, before driving the Fortners back to Wolverhampton, and then following those meetings, driving them all the way down to Sidmouth for our own conference.

Following the meetings in Sidmouth, however, Jim had to undergo heart surgery, following a period of poor health. Two days after the surgery the Lord was pleased to call Jim home. We heard of this with heavy hearts, being full of sorrow for Jim’s family and friends, whilst rejoicing with Jim himself who is now with the Lord he loves. We will miss his fellowship.

When he heard about Jim, our brother Don Fortner wrote the following tribute:


A Tribute to Jim Gough

(1942 – 2009)


            Shelby and I met Jim and Eileen Gough two years ago in Wolverhampton, England. Our hearts were immediately welded together in the sweet fellowship of the gospel. The Lord took our friend home to Glory Friday night. Very few who read our bulletin will even know the name of this man; and you may be wondering why you are reading about him now. The reason is this: Our God teaches us to give “honour to whom honour” is due. Jim Gough is a cherished friend and was (while he lived on this earth) a faithful servant of God.


            Jim was an elder at West Park Evangelical Church in Wolverhampton; but that hardly tells the story of his service to Christ and his people. The West Park Church was formed when Jim, Eileen and a few others saw the need to establish a gospel witness in Wolverhampton. He was devoted to the cause of Christ, frequently preaching the gospel at West Park and in other area chapels. Just last week, he and I spent some time discussing one of his new projects: translating and publishing good books in various Indian dialects.


            Though my time with him was very limited, I never spent an hour in the company of Jim Gough that was not edifying and profitable to my soul. What higher compliment could one man give to another? Our mutual friend, Bro. Syd Buggins, wrote to me this morning, saying…


“His whole conversation, especially during the last few years, was all of Christ. He could not pray or preach, but it was full of his Saviour. May we be able to say truly, ‘the Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord.’ ………… but O the loss!”



            Jim and Eileen opened their home, their hearts and their lives to two strangers from America two years ago. They followed us all over England, insatiably absorbing every word preached. When we arrived in Egglesburn this year, we were delightfully surprised to learn that they had (along with Syd and Joan Buggins) rented a van to drive us from meeting to meeting, making it possible for the six of us to spend many hours together discussing the things of God.


            One of the last things we spoke of was the fact that so few who preach, preach Christ. Jim was a soft spoken man who hated conflict and went out of his way to avoid confrontation; but his heart was heavy as he spoke. Yet, he spoke with animated excitement as he encouraged me in the blessed work of the gospel. The very last thing he said to me, as we parted company one week ago was, “Bro. Don, be sure to thank your beloved congregation at home for sending you to preach Christ to us.” — Bless God, soon, we shall meet to part no more! 

Don Fortner

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2009 Sovereign Grace Conference – Messages

Sidholme Hotel, Sidmouth

Sidholme Hotel, Sidmouth

We thank the Lord for the blessing of hearing His word preached in power at our conference meetings last week.

For those who couldn’t make it, and for those who’d like to listen again, the messages from’s 2009 Sovereign Grace Conference can now be downloaded or listened to online here:

Wednesday 22nd April

We Persuade Men (Don Fortner)

Thursday 23rd April

A Great Message From A False Preacher (Don Fortner)

Alternatively you may also watch the messages as videos below. These videos are hosted on the Vimeo website and can be played in their entirety without downloading. Just click on the play button below, or alternatively click on the ‘Vimeo’ button in bottom corner to visit the Vimeo web page for each message.

Wednesday 22nd April

Notice the play button at bottom left of the video, and the ‘Vimeo’ link button on the bottom right. The video can be viewed full screen by clicking the icon to the left of the ‘Vimeo’ link, and volume can also be adjusted during playback by clicking on the bars to the left of that icon.

Thursday 23rd April

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